I Like You, I Love You, I'm In Love With You

About The Artist:

"Wings On Your Heart" is Alvin Alexander's debut album, a solo performance, featuring unique guitar techniques and vocal stylings. On this cd, he is unaccompanied by other musicians and no other musical instruments are featured on any of the 11 tracks. It was produced at "Sorcerer Sound Studios" in "Soho", New York City, NY.

"Alvin Alexander", songwriter, vocalist, guitarist, producer, has written numerous songs & instrumental compositions combined. He exclaims, "after writing at least 300 original compositions, I've stopped counting them." When asked where the inspiration to write songs comes from? "Many sources...the scenery in Central Park has inspired me, as I've written songs while just relaxing there." "In Manhattan, there's so much going on to draw from, I've even written songs while heading to work, home and elsewhere."

A very prolific songwriter who demonstrates the ability to weave words unpretentiously, though intrically, with simplicity, but yet "not simple" with an electic, warm magic and emotional flow. His lyrics has the magic to make you dream like a child and take you on a mystical journey to a place far away. For example, see lyrics to the title track "Wings On Your Heart.

"Wings On Your Heart" By Alvin Alexander

Copyright Secured 2001

(1st Verse):

Best of life to you.
May the path you choose, be one that has your hopes and dreams.
You can't lose your way, long as you believe.
Destiny will lead you to a plane, higher than ever thought.
Higher than you'd imagine, but it's yours.
Your reward, sail high through the clouds.


"Eagles are meant to fly."
"Hearts are meant to feel love."
"Spread your Wings On Your Heart."
"Sail high, with gold wings."

Best of life to you and remember too.
Home is where your wings will fly you to.

Fly Away, Fly Away.
Up to the sky, up to the sky, up to the sky.
You'll Be soaring.
You'll Be soaring.

Fly Away, Fly Away.
Up to the sky, up to the sky, up to the sky.
You'll Be Soaring.
You'll be soaring.

Fly Away, fly today.
So far away.
So far away.

Eagles are meant to fly.
Hearts are meant to feel love.
Spread your wings on your heart.
Sail high with gold wings.

Best of life to you and remember too,
each new day you'll see something new. (End)

Many of Alvin's compositions have "Brazilian, Afro-Braziian, Latin, Afro-Latin Jazz, Jazz & Classical guitar music influences." However listeners of his music may interpret it by adding what they might hear in between those most prominant and foremost influences.

With this debut album, Alvin is elated that his music is now available to the widespread public, after exposing his music to audiences by performing in a variety of venues and settings.

Alvin began playing the guitar during his junior year in senior high school and joined a band with fellow schoolmates, in New Orleans.

Shortly thereafter, becoming a member of several local bands that performed at universities, school proms, talent shows, nightclubs and television, he got his first taste of the excitement of performing in front of hundreds of people.

Having studied "classical as well as popular guitar styles privately and at "Federal City College" (University of DC) in Washington, DC. Alvin is a skilled guitarist whose versatility ranges from classical to jazz.

A question I'm often asked is, "how did I become so enamored & influenced by "Brazilian & Latin music?" Especially since I was born and raised in the United States of America. The answer is quite easy. "New Orleans, my native city, has many cultural similarities to Brazil and S. America." "Not only is Mardi Gras celebrated in both New Orleans, Brazil and S. American Countries, but the music of New Orleans has always been more than "Jazz," "Blues" & "Rhythm and Blues," as the origins of New Orleans itself is "Indian, "French," "Italian," "Spanish," "African," "Portuguese," "Carribean," "S. America" and "European," resulting in a vast musical melting pot." "After all, New Orleans was once a province of "Spain and France," before being bought by and becoming a part of the United States.

"Since elementary school,I participated in school choirs, musical theater and was thus exposed to a wide variety of musical styles ranging from Broadway, R & B, Jazz, Pop, Latin, Brazilian and Classical. Although I didn't begin the study of classical guitar music until moving to Washington, DC, I was first exposed to the music by New Orleans guitarist "Charles Moore," when I only knew how to play a few chords on the instrument." "New Orleans," "Denver, Colorado," "Washington, DC" and "New York City," all cities where I've resided, are international and multi-cultural cities where all types of music is heard and performed."

"I have studied classical guitar, as well as jazz guitar. Early on I was exposed to and learned the music of Brazilian songwriter/composer "Antonio Carlos "Tom" Jobim." "Thereafter, I was exposed to more indigenous Brazilian music, learned to play some of it and incorporated it in my orginal compositions."

"Classical guitar fingering techniques are very commonly used by Brazilian guitarist."

The guitar is a very popular and prominant musical instrument in Brazil, hence the saying is that "every boy in Brazil is born with a guitar in his hands." Thus, it isn't so much relegated to the background.

Brazilian music is very romantic, melodically, harmonically exotic and beautiful, so are the chords and chord progressions. "Hence, I was very much attracted to it and the influences of the music became a natural part of my style of composing."

"I began performing as a soloist, guitarist and vocalist, somewhat by accident." My usual routine was as a "bandleader" who would be hired by "solo vocalists and vocal groups." The band would open for the groups with a few songs and instrumentals, some I would sing, then the featured vocalist(s) with top billing would perform. One day I received a call for a "guitarist only" to accompany a male vocalist, who had a long term booking at the former "Howard Johnson Hotel" in Arlington, VA on Jefferson Davis Hwy.

"Since I would practice on original songs (written for other vocalist(s)), I wrote at my former apartment in Southwest Washington, DC, nestled on beautiful lush grounds right by the Potomac River, I had a repetoire of songs that I could perform when opening for the top billed vocalist(s)."

The top billed vocalist showed up for the "Howard Johnson" gig only one night and the next evening, I showed up and waited for him. I figured he would just be late and decided to start performing. After the first set, the man who was food and beverage manager said, "bring another vocalist in tomorrow night." So, I did, however, the following evening the new vocalist didn't show up. So the food & beverage manager then said, "the gig is yours." So, I'm thinking, "I only know a few songs," but the hours were great 5pm - 9pm, 5 nights weekly and the pay wasn't bad. It was enough to pay my rent at a luxury apartment and have a few extra creature comforts." So, you can believe, I built up my repetoire "real fast!" "Fortunately, for me, that job (wasnt' like a job, but fun) lasted close to one year!" And I was able to not only perform nightly at "Howard Johnson Hotel", but also at other places for a variety of events, teach privately and work as a studio guitarist." "I was earning income doing what I love to do and things were great!"

Thereafter, I performed with what was then some of best musicians, vocal groups and vocalists in the Metro Washington, DC area, such as Esther Williams (jazz vocalist), who I enjoyed performing with as a duo at a restaurant named "Chef's Table." It was located in North East DC and we performed several nights weekly for a little over six months. The usual routine was that I opened performing solo guitar and a few songs, then Esther would come on stage and perform. This was another opportunity taken to get better at performing solo as a vocalist/guitarist. "See www.dcjazzmusic.org for Esther Williams."

Stan Holland and Tempo, a tuxedoed top 40 show band was another Metro DC group I had the pleasure of performing with in Metro DC and on the road. It was a tight knit group lead by "Gary Hart," composer/arranger/conductor/music educator and jazz saxophonist, with Stanley Holland, featured performing artist. The band would perform for around one half an hour, I would sing a couple songs, then Stan would come on stage and perform. Another opportunity was had to learn and become more confident as a musician and performer.

After sharpening his talents to a certain level of proficiency as a songwriter, studio guitarist and solo performer, as well as a guitarist for other solo vocalists, vocal groups and bands, (some are Grammy Award and Tony Award winning artists), Alvin finally seized the opportunity to produce this cd.

"Obtaining a loyal following of fans and supporters by way of live performances in a variety of venues fed the flames of Alvin's love of music and performing live, he says." "There is an energy and feeling that I get from performing in front of an audience that matches nothing that can be fully described with words except, "it's like flying." "That is as close a description as I can give."

"I would just like to say, thanks to all those who supported my musical endeavors during the early stages of my career and is looking forward to having the support of all those I've never met before, who will hopefully appreciate my music in the near future."

Acting is another one of Alvin Alexander's passions and he began in elementary school in his native city of New Orleans. Although after Jr. High School for the most part he utilized his musical talents until he got into acting again as "film extra actor" in a CBS TV series titled "Orleans," starring "Larry Hagman."

Other movies Alvin has appeared in as a "background artist or talent" that have been released on the big screen, television and yet to be released are as follows:


"The Wire" (HBO Film, Alvin portrays a "High Roller" at a boxing match, Baltimore, MD)

"The Visiting" (in production, Washington, DC & Baltimore, MD), starring "Nicole Kidman" (Alvin portrays a traveler at rail passenger depot)

"Local Color" (in production as of July 2005), starring "Ray Liotta" and "Charles Durney." (Alvin Alexander portrays an "Art Buyer.")

"Failure To Launch," starring "Matthew McConoughay" and "Sarah Jessica Parker" (Alvin portrays a tourist and baseball game fan)

"All The Kings Men," starring "Sean Penn," "Kate Winslet," "Jude Law," "Anthony Hopkins" and "James Gandolfini." ("Alvin Alexander portrays a construction worker in this feature film production)

"Just My Luck," "Lindsay Lohan," "Chris Pine." "Alvin portrays a Businessman and Art Gallery Patron."


"Poolhall Prophets," starring "Ving Rhames" and "Freddy Prinze, Jr." (Alvin portrays a groundskeeper and rail transportation passenger in waiting)

"Five Fingers," Starring Ryan Phillippe and Laurence Fishburne." (Alvin portrays a bus passenger)

"Miracle Run" - Starring, Mary-Louise Parker & Aiden Quinn (Alvin is "background artist" portraying Banquet guest at awards banquet)

"Heart Of The Storm," starring "Tom Cavanaugh" & "Melissa Gilbert" (Alvin portrays a prison inmate, as a film background artist) 1st Broadcast was Nov. 22, 2004 on "The Lifetime Channel."

"Pop Rocks" (Alvin is a member of the audience at a rock concert") 1st Broadcast was "Fall 2004" on the "Lifetime Channel."

"Skeleton Key," starring Kate Hudson (Alvin portrays a street pedestrian)

"Torn Apart," starring "Tia Carerra" (Alvin portrays a Medical Doctor.) "Broadcasted on the "Lifetime Channel" Fall of 2004.

"Nikki & Nora," starring "Christina Cox & Elizabeth Vassey."

"At Last," starring "Kelly Lynch," (Alvin's role is of a "film background artist" protraying a restaurant patron.)


"Ray" The Ray Charles Story, starring, "Jamie Foxx," "Regina King" and "Kerry Washington." Alvin is a "dancer" in "Ray." (In theaters beginning Oct. 29, 2004)

"Mr. 3000," a Disney Film, starring "Bernie Mack," "Angela Bassett," "Mike Rispoli." "Alvin is a sports bar patron in "Mr. 3000." (In theaters beginning Sept. 18, 2004)

"A Love Song For Bobby Long," starring "John Travolta" and "Scarlett Johansson." (In theaters beginning Dec. 29, 2004)


"Runaway Jury," starring "Dustin Hoffman," "Gene Hackman," "John Cusack," "Jennifer Beals," "Luiz Guzman." "Alvin portrays attorney" with non speaking part."

"Monsters Ball," starring "Halle Berry" and "Billy Bob Thorton" (Alvin portrays a restaurant patron, however, doesn't appear on screen due to editing)


"Malpractice," starring "Stephanie Zimbalist," Produced by Mickey Dolenz, formerly of "The Monkies," broadcasted on "Lifetime Channel" in March 2002.

"Above & Beyond," starring "Alexandra Paul," (former Baywatch Lifeguard who played "Steph) & "Adam Baldwin."

"Tempted," starring "Burt Reynolds," "Mike Starr" and "Saffron Burrows." Alvin plays a construction worker.


"Double Jeopardy," starring "Ashley Judd" & "Tommy Lee Jones" Alvin plays a tourist, strolling through "Jackson Square," in New Orleans, when scene moves to "New Orleans."


Mid 1990's

"Peugeot Automobile," filmed in New Orleans and released in Europe. "Alvin is in "Carnival Crowd Scene."


"Lee Michaels Jewelers," Christmas Holiday Commercial, broadcasted on regional television.

"Will there be any major speaking roles in movies for Alvin in the near future? "Who knows?" "That would be great and I'm looking forward to doing so." "However, I'm working on a documentary of my own depicting certain events in my music career." "So, visit this site for updates."

Album Credits:

A. K. Alexander Productions, New York, NY
Recorded at Sorcerer Sound Studios - New York, NY
Mixed and Mastered at PAD Productions - Brooklyn, NY
Graphics at Play-It Productions - New York, NY

Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Patrick Derivaz
Recording Studio Assistant - Chris Palmissano
CD Cover Concept & Design - Alvin Alexander
Assistant CD Graphic Designer - Tony Tyler of Play-It Productions

Guitar by Fender: Fender Classical Guitar Model FC-110

Color & Cut Salons (Hair Stylist), New York, NY & Brazil
Photographer - Nicholas Katz

Clothing: Shirt by "Alfani"
Pants by "Mosaic"
Shoes by "Giorgio Brutini"

Special Thanks To The Following:

William "Bill" Carlson (classical guitarist & guitar instructor) - Washington, DC
The University of Washington, DC, Dept. of Music
John Castellano of Sounds of Joy Jazz Workshop, New York, NY
Kent Hall - New York, NY

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