Peace Walk

This CD is meditative music. As you listen and enter in, peace will fill the room.

Most of the songs are improvisational in nature. "Outland" for instance was recorded in one take using a pedal board (keyboard that you play with your feet) and low whistle.

"We Rise" was an improv piano track that I came up with about 4 in the morning and then added a high E whistle.

I had very talented help in making this CD: Jennifer Kameras played Violin and Ruth Huizenga played Piano (on most tracks).

Dial down and listen - I guarantee, you will play this more than any other CD you own -- if you give it a chance.

From My Blog on MySpace: "Music To Live With"

Some music commands your attention. It balks and screams for you to give it notice.

When you turn it off it leaves a void of sorts.

I am not saying this type of music is bad - I enjoy much of it myself - it has a place.

Some music will kindly ask for your attention. It is gentle, willing to take second place in your aural surroundings. But it is also willing to be included in your day.

What I offer is music of the second type. I am not saying it is better than the first type. I am just drawing a distinction.

If you allow my music into your conciousness, you will find complexity, melody and meter. It will take you places music of the first type can not.

In what ever way my music affects you, you will find it to be music you can live with.

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