The Other Side Of Eden

Some of the people who have purchased 3LM's debut cd received a request to write a brief paragraph or statement describing the sound or experience they felt. Following are some excerpts:

"Beautiful melodies woven into tasteful synthesizer textures with exotic percussion best describes this band's sound."

"I can listen to this music all day. One wonders why this band is not touring. It is not music to dance to but to let sink into your very being. It is music that crosses generations. Everyone who has heard my CD has commented, "Man these guys are good. Why haven't I
heard them before?"

"I traveled 10 hours to get to see them. This group has great potential and passion for what they do. I am eagerly expecting more and even greater music on a new CD soon. The 3 Legged Monkey is truly professional in every since of the word."

"Not easy listening! I get involved with the music and it moves on me before I know it! Telling stories with your music, almost a cross between Twilight Zone & X-Files! Keeps me on the edge of my seat! Very sharp, quick and edgy!"

"The music from the 3 Legged Monkey cd was an exotic
blend of soul-searching melodies which bring me back
for more. Egypt has wound its acoustic electric
journey into my being. The acummulation of talent
and musical innovation have made me a Monkey fan for

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