Skies Blue

Ethereal dreams and stark realities unite as one to create a spellbinding musical adventure that pulls at your heart
strings then rips them right out of your chest.

The Arron Nelson Project has brought together some of the most talented players from the dynamic Kootenay region of British Columbia. together they have created the stunning new album

Stingish Vocals, Rock Guitars, Salsa, Funk,Afro Bass, Worldbeat and Techno Drums meld together to create an exciting new world groove , Soaring Synths, Pseudo Tablas, and Hillbilly Banjo?

Latin-Afro-Brazilian-Rock, Peter Gabriel meets Carlos Santana and Alice in Chains

This CD is like putting on a warm pair of ear muffs on a cold winters day then taking a sonic journey through the sweet ear candy forest. Something to sink your teeth into on each track.

  • Modèle : Arron Nelson Project
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