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SHORTY&SLIM is a pleasing blend of Calypso, Reggae, and Caribbean sounds with a touch of Rock-n-Roll, and has best been described as “Canal Zone Folk Music”!! Conceived in a Gamboa living room in 1992 and later captured on 4 CD productions, (Life on Mango Street ‘95, Gone Platano ‘97, ‘Tird One ‘99, and Down to Panama ‘06) it is written all about Panama and the Canal Zone by Panamanian Zonians, and it’s the only musical production of its kind to truly capture the sights, sounds and experiences of living in or visiting the beautiful Paradise of Panama and the Canal Zone. It is Original, feel-good music that will make you laugh, cry and remember the days.

Shorty and Slim have been working hard this past year to release this new CD - their 4th in the Shorty and Slim Cult Classic Series. The logistics of recording a CD while one lives in Panama and the other in Germany were tough. David spent the better part of a year writing during the dark days of the German winter and thanks to modern technology, he was able to email tracks to Alex. Alex did the leg work of setting up studio time and getting things ready so that we were able to record all of Dave's tracks (including some vocals and flute by the Seitz girls!) during our wonderful month in Panama last summer. We had a blast and the band was able to play a gig to a full house of dancing Pana-Zonians to showcase some of their new songs.

Going Down to Panama brings out a new sound and flavor of Shorty&Slim music, as live musicians were used as much as possible. Also included are 5 LIVE tracks recorded at the Balboa Yacht Club in 2001 by Cage9's Evan Rodaniche. The live songs capture the new Shorty&Slim sound that has evolved over the years, a unique caribbean color.

In compiling songs and melodies for this latest album, David and Alex realized that they had enough material for TWO ALBUMS!! So let it be known, there is another Shorty&Slim CD in the works, and its gonna be a good one
!! Sample song titles: "Rust,Termites & Juega Vivos", "Eatin-On-D-Islan", "Same Old 6-an-8", "Taboga"

For additional Bio info on David Seitz (BHS’77) and Alex Reyes (BHS’89), a.k.a. SHORTY&SLIM, click the "Life On Mango Street" link, below-left, or go to

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