Adorno pt. B

One classically trained violinist plus one worldly percussionist plus one death metal big-band tromboner plus one country drummer plus one jazz-punk bass player equals five times fun! And there's more!! Mandolin, coronet, siren whistles, samples...pretty much anything we feel like listening to the sound of.

AUDio SQUADron is an Edmonton based group that combines free improvisation, with strongly composed structural elements. Each of the five members works together or in smaller sub-sections of the group to create a variety of textures and timbres. John Calverley (violin/mandolin) along Travis Short (electric/acoustic bass), Mark Sazavsky (trombone), Ojas Joshi (tabla/percussion), and Denis Boisvert (drum kit), play acoustic/electric music that is comparable to the sounds of Carl Stalling (Bugs Bunny), Frank Zappa, and Mr. Bungle. Although these influences provide inspiration, AUDSQUAD makes use of every tool available for their ‘sound sculptures’. Since forming in 2002 the group has grown together to develop a truly unique sound. When asked, “What kind of music do you play?” the answer depends on what track your listening to, and who you ask. For AUDSQUAD the answer is “Good music!”

The AUDio SQUADron combines the many styles of music which we grew up listening to with the sheer joy of messing it all up. Basically, we get to do what we have always want. (You read that right.)

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