Duval Way

Jacksonville, Florida has a talented artist that is about to be revealed to the world.
This artist is Brian Dallas. His debut album “Mystic Melody” has a unique blend of reggae vibes with a hip-hop twist all of the songs were written by Brian. He is a native of Jacksonville, Florida known in the south as Duval County. Brian’s inner-city neighborhood equipped him with book and street knowledge that helped him find himself and his musical talent. His strong gospel roots drive from his upbringing in the church, courtesy of his grandmother, it was in church that he was exposed to the dynamics of singing, as he would always be there every Sunday and attend choir rehearsals with his grandmother. Brian’s deep gospel roots combined with other styles of music all influence him musically. Some of his favorite artists includes rappers Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick and Outkast. R&B singers like Stevie Wonder and Curtis Mayfield he is strongly influenced by several Reggae artist like Sizzla , Buju B. Capleton ,and Coco T, who is his favorite
Brian is a artist on the RunAway Slave Entertainment label, he says this label has given him the freedom to produce the kind of music that will make you think of the conditions of the world that we live in and what we can do to make it better , for him its about the message in the music. “If one song can help change one person and make them more loving and care about all people of the world I’ve done JAH works”. I want to create music that will be playing twenty years from now, spreading the message of love for all people.

Although music makes up a considerable amount of Brian’s being, there is a lot more substance to the man. Brian is a devout Vegan and Rastafarian, he is not Jamaican but is a decent from two to three generations of the Caribbean. As he studied the origins of reggae music he became more socially and culturally conscious. Brian’s deepest motivation comes from his 6-year-old son Noah. He enjoys nature, cooking vegan dishes and he’s a great history buff. Brian one day would like to remake “The Ten Commandments” with an all black cast, his persona certainly manifests itself in his music. He expresses that the message is that of peace, love an unity among all people.

Unsurprisingly he prefers being in natural settings, and enjoys relaxing, meditating, reading, and studying when he is not working. He also enjoys playing sports is a avid fisherman and spending time with his son. Personally, Brian tends to be a loner, he is very laid back, and has a small circle of friends he’s known from childhood. Brian is a 96 graduate of Sandlwood High School..

“Mystic Melody” showcases the Ratasman as both a artist and person. The track “Duval Way” is soon to be a Jacksonville anthem as it pays homage to Jacksonville. The spicy dance track “Wind Ya Waistline” is a tight joint with a club-ish vibe that is guaranteed to make you want to shake something. Other tracks include socially and
politically-conscious songs “Black Community”, Take Heed” they will leave you with something to think about with the current issues in the world today. Additionally, the ladies are shown some real love and respect with tracks like “Beautiful Black Woman” and “Sticky Situation” which is a song that touches on different forms of domestic abuse all too common to some women today. The lyrical variety and exclusive sound of this album will provide something for people from various walks fo life to enjoy. You can check out the roots and culture lyrics at Brian’s myspace.com/rasbriandallas also become a member of his FAN Club log on to runawayslave.us go to the guessbook page and leave your comments.

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