Born Again Girl

Audrey was born to by Jamaican parents, a christian believing mother and unbelieving father.

She remembers her father vaguely who had passed away while she was at a very young age. Her mother single handely raised her along with two brothers and an adopted sister.

In High School, Audrey was always to be found at break times singing and making melodies with her friends.

After leaving High School, Audrey said that there were many opportunities that came her way to get her into the music industry, which she had let slipped away.

Now she regrets that, but still has hope for the future.

Audrey did not have plans for God then, but knew that she did not want to go to hell. Little did she know that God had already called her from her mothers's womb to be a servant to HIm.

Today Audrey is happy to be serving the Lord and says it is the best thing she has ever done and the best life she has ever lived.

"If you walk along a buffet line and look at the food, you will never know how good it is until you have actually tasted it for yourself"

"Taste and see that the Lord is good. Blessed is the man/woman who fears the Lord"

Audrey has worked on five cd projects and one dvd to date. This includes a live recording and DVD to be released late 2006 to early 2007. Mi Assignment is Audrey's latest work.

It is my hope and prayer that even one of the songs from all of my cds will reach you for eternal change.

"I have no doubt that I will be taking the gospel to the four corners of the earth, so look for me soon in your area. "IT IS TIME"...title of my next album"

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