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Deeboz Muzik current project includes a 1 drop reggae riddim titled "A Little Bit More" featuring Lutan Fyah, Chezidek, Tony Curtis, Lukie-D, G-Whizz, Q-Shandeya, Ras Myrhdak, Cha'Maine, Anthony Que, Simpleman & Snypah. The compilation will be available in stores soon.

The perpetual growth of Reggae evidenced in its global appeal is attributed to the pioneers whose contributions have left an ineffaceable mark in the music industry. The rehashing of the “A Little Bit More” riddim is a symbolic tribute to such greats as the Crown Prince of Reggae, the late great Dennis Emmanuel Brown, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh as well as living legends Bunny Wailer & Johnny Osbourne,

Brown’s catalogue spanning decades encapsulates a solo career comparable to the best in any genre. He gave us cultural songs, he gave us Lovers Rock, Mr. Brown gave us saccharine Reggae music. The best of Johnny Osbourne is captured in his many hits during the early dancehall years of the ‘80s. Paradoxically it is his song “Sing Jay Stylee” which is viewed by many as the precursor to the current dancehall phenomenon taking the world by storm. The “Wailing Rude Boys” Marley, Tosh & Bunny Wailer militant stance in defense of equality & justice heralded a new era in music, giving the disenfranchised a voice, breaking down barriers and bridging the racial divide.

This cosmic vibration defines the “One Love Reggae Spirit.” The global support of Reggae enthusiasts accentuates the need to further spread the message of love. In essence, Deeboz Muzik initiative is a celebration in support of the collective efforts of the aforementioned artists and many others within the Reggae music fraternity whose colossal input thru the years made Reggae, the music that it is today.
Many thanks to the engineers, producers, radio DJs, writers, promoters, fans, selectors, musicians, etc.

With such a rich musical legacy, the idiom “the well will never run dry” serves as a source of inspiration for many aspiring artists. It is also visible in the exuberance exhibited by the artistry of Chezidek, Lutan Fyah, G-Whizz, Lukie D, Qshan Deya, Anthony Que, Ras Myrhdak, Simpleman Shooka, Snypah, Tony Curtis & Cha’maine. The brilliance of musicians, Val Douglas-bass, Noel Alphonso-drums, Mitchum “Khan-guitar” Chin, Sidney Mills-keyboard, maestro Dean Fraser-sax & Sky Juice-percussion shines, complementing the efforts of the artists thereby making this project, a fitting tribute to the greats mentioned above.

Tune in and let us know how you feel as we believe the world needs, “A Little Bit More”.

Deeboz Muzik is a full service entertainment company. Our clients includes New York 107.5FM (WBLS) radio personality/voice over specialist "Eddie Love", Reggae Artist(s) G-Whizz, Qshandeya, Tony Curtis, Johnny (Mr. Budy Bye) Osbourne and Leroy (Mr. Heptones) Sibbles. They are available for tours, concerts, festivals, dubplates, video cameos, interviews, private engagements (weddings, awards/fashion shows), voice overs, commercials & radio drops. Our business affiliates are global which enables us to acquire local, regional or international talent in reggae, dancehall, hiphop, Soul and R&B singers such as "Kindred The Family", "Montell Jordan" & others.

Deeboz Muzik has evolved from a production to a full service entertainment company since its inception in 2001; committed to the development of creativity through the performing arts. Our focus is to instruct and guide aspiring artist in the music and entertainment industry. We provide artist management, product development, marketing, event & tour planning, publicity, booking and songwriting. We have done several boat rides and concerts throughout the New York Tri-State and are expanding our artist selection to R&B, Neo-Soul and Jazz.
Deeboz Muzik is a proud member of RAW-Reggae Ambassadors Worldwide (an international network of Committed reggae Enthusiasts who have joined forces to spread the positive vibe of Reggae music).

Several years ago Devon Barnes Senior, observed the growth of reggae music and the need for a structure to supplement the abundance of creativity. Careful analyses revealed that there was limited opportunities for aspiring artist due to artist under-development, poor representation and the beauracracy at major labels. He then teamed up with daughters Patrice and Dahina, determined to enhance business relations and ultimately launched Deeboz Muzik in 2001. While developing the foundation for Deeboz Muzik, he embedded the motto "We nurture creativity." There are many talented artists who must often sacrifice their creativity, adapt the styles and methodologies of their predecessors in order to achieve commercial success. However, we encourage creativity and endeavor to create opportunities for aspiring artist to showcase their talent. Visit our website: www.deebozmuzik.com for more information.

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