Sanskrit - n.
The first of five material elements of which the physical universe is composed (earth, air, fire, water, and akasha). The element of omnipresent spiritual power that permeates the universe. It is related to outer space, inner space, the unmanifest, and the life force.

Akasha fuses elements of deep groove reggae with blues rock and hip hop. Instead of forcing each of these styles into every song, Akasha drops just the right groove for each, the result being a varied and dancable record that takes the listener from Jamaica to Kansas City to the streets of New York. The styles are unified through the voicebox of the legendary Cosmos Ray. Whether he is singing, chanting, or rhyming he makes you feel as though he is speaking directly (and only) to you.

The rhythm section is comprised of Scott Moss on the electric guitar, Doug Bistrow on the upright (stand-up) bass, and Mikey August on the skins. The rhythm section focuses on channeling their performance through their singer, and understand that the groove is bigger than any person. They all sing too, creating thick and colorful vocal harmony.

"With a weird and somehow logical mix of dirty-dub reggae grooves, soaring rock vignettes, and hip-hop-flavored blues rock (both loud and soft), Akasha's sound is not one that you can ever easily describe. I know bands that would pay for that kind of unclassifiable sound..." (award-winning live music review website)

One Love.

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