Progress(But For Who??).

He's back once again!! With one of TWO hot new releases!!! This was completed one week before hurricane Katrina devistated the St. Tammany Parish area. On this hot new release, J.C. takes on more production duties, co-producing the entire CD, as well as writing the music on all but one track(J.C. and Joe Bob).A screwed and chopped version(mixed by up and coming producer D.J. Bigg Mike) is coming soon. So for now, sit back relax, and enjoy the original version of J.C.'s most political and controversial CD yet!!!!!
After months of delays, It's finally here for you to enjoy!!!

According to J.C.: "Luckily, I kept the masters of the new CD At my Mother's home. Had they been at my Grandmother's home, which was nearly destroyed by the storm, there probably wouldn't be a new album. After I got settled in Katy, Texas, I had Serggio master and put together the finished product. Then, thanks to Disc Makers, I was able to design and package the CD's online".

This release leans more on the Hip-Hop side, but the strong messages are still there. With a combonation of slammin' tracks and razor sharp lyrics, this is a CD you really don't want to pass up.......THE NORTHSHORE RASTA IS BACK!!!!!!!!! This release also features guest cameos from Mr. Serggio and up and coming artist, Malachi. Some of these tracks may ruffle a few feathers, such as "Northshore's Red Hot", which takes a direct aim at the St. Tammany Parish Sherrif's Department. The song was inspired by an incident in which J.C. was stopped one night while walking to a local convinience store, and harrassed by two deputies for no reason whatsoever. Malachi also delivers a potent verse, giving the song a satarical, yet hardcore feel. "Dirty Rice", featuring a guest verse from longtime friend and collaborator, Mr. Serggio, hits on topics, such as the consequenses of the drug game and crooked politics! "What's Really Goin' On", is already becoming an underground hit in the clubs, with it's slow hypnotic beat and to the point lyrics, hitting on eveything from identity theft to shady family members. A beautiful instrumental, "Rest In Paridise"(Dedicated to his Grandmother), rounds out this outstanding collection of music!!! This is, without a doubt, his best release since "Nortshore Rasta", some have said that it's even better!! Listen and decide for yourself!! As J.C. humbly put's it:"All praises due to the most high, Jah Rastafari, for blessing me, and allowing me to continue to share my thoughts with the rest of the world for all to hear. Jah is great!!!!!"

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