He Died For You

Lenny Ragsdale and Troy Venhuizen grew up in the islands of Hawaii.Lenny, who began playing drums and piano at the age of four, states his first musical influence to be his father: Harvey Ragsdale of the late liberty records.Troy grew up listing to the work of such artist as Tom jones, Englebert, ozzy, Vanhalen and Elvis.

Upon reaching high school the two found that they shared a love of music and made bond that has kept them best friends since. Thoughout high school and a bit passed the two played together in a few garage bands. Troy went on to college chasing a football dream while Lenny continued to play with different ensembles around the islands and eventually the mainland. A few years ago the two finally reunited and beganto play together again. Although both where involved with separate green bay based bands, they continue to write and put out music of their own.

Sound good? Check us out now at these radio stations: KPOA Maui, KIPA, KBIG FM, and KPUA on the Big Island.Also on may first 9pm, we will be on the air with J.Michaels on Z104 FM wausau wisconsin Rock Radio,ALOHA!!!!

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