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Good things come in pairs and one of the better things to come on the music scene is the Fountain of Youth aka the Fountain Brothers. Group members are overwhelmingly excited about the release of their self titled third album/ep, "The Fountain Brothers", which is a glorious representation of their evolution in all aspects. Friends of the Fountain and reggae fans in general will be impressed with the Fountain of Youth's junior release which includes songs produced by Logwood Productions based in the Bronx, NY and Little House Productions, Cover Drive Productions, and Black Sun Productions all based in Jamaica, WI. The EP includes wonderfully written, easy listening reggae music which is sure to be well received by music lovers worldwide. The Fountain of Youth have performed as an opening act for the Grammy award winning group Outkast and world renowned reggae icon Burning Spear. They have had success participating in a monthly hip-hop series at nightclubs around Buffalo and Niagara Falls establishing an extremely loyal fan base. The Fountaineers are Sonchild and Good Principle. They are Jamaican born twins living in New York City who have been making music together since 1994. The main goal of the Fountain is to awaken the most dormant of the elements that make music special, namely love and spirituality. Group members work to create a more balanced listening field for audiences by offering positive images in an industry fascinated with negativity. The Fountaineers believe that the culture of music should be about more than being gangsta, living the thug life, or over indulging in sex. As such, a major part of their mission is to enhance the vibration of popular music while maintaining street credibility. Sonchild and Principle dropped the Fountain's first album, "Love Grows on Trees", in 2000 and designed it to touch the souls of music lovers everywhere with its spiritual appeal. Their second album, released in 2002 and entitled "Can't Stop The Fountain", showed them to be extremely gifted songwriters with a unique way of blending their hip-hop and reggae influences. The Fountain Brothers have also released solo projects while working on their latest release. Good Principle's "That's What's Up" released in the summer of 2004 and Sonchild's "The Essence" released in the spring of 2006, prove the Fountaineers to be talented songwriters who remain true to their reggae/hip-hop heritage. The Fountain of Youth has been featured on compilations produced by Logwood Productions entitled "Step Into The Red" and "Logwood Eruptions Vol. 1". Fountain tunes from these compilations have been aired by WRTN 93.5, WWRL 1600 am, and other stations with Caribbean format in New York City, the Eastern Caribbean and Jamaica. Their songs have been featured on Caribbean reggae programs in New Mexico, Arizona, Atlanta, Florida and California. The Fountain sound is best described as a world sound because of its universal appeal. The Fountaineers view their work as a gift of music to the culture of music that they live and love. Core audiences in New York, Jamaica, and the Caribbean have embraced the twins for their soothing voices, inspiring rhymes, and resonant melodies. The current state of popular music is quickly deteriorating and could use a long drink from the Fabulous.......Fountain of Youth. Sonchild and Good Principle are available for interviews either by telephone or in person, and perform live. They can be contacted at (718) 450-7240 and are also featured on the Logwood Entertainment web site at, at, and at

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