Autographed By Stars

Djing at clubs and parties was the inspiration for this CD. It delves into hip hop, club, and some reggae joints. Standouts include "Where the party at," and "Hope4all."

1% Hangout delivers another CD for y'all. Holla!


1% Hangout is autographed by stars on this CD. From Quincy Jones to an "unknown" celebrity. The true inspiration for this CD came from the cover art which was kept for years. The title track "autographed by stars" chronicles the journey by a fan to seek that all important autograph from New York to Hollywood. But in this case, it was 1% Hangout seeking the autographs. The most prominent autograph is the one by Quincy Jones. Although there is another one on the cover art that belongs to an "unknown" celebrity. Get the CD and find out for your self.

The standout cut on the CD include "Hope4all," which delves into sadness. Then there is the one for the lonely when "It's not the same." As the CD plays, you find that you just "Can't Stop." Hmmm. Go ahead and go wild. "Ain't that what it's like?" Yeah, this even makes a stop and spends "One Night in Tikrit." But there were no Doritos. Darn! Anyway, we can still have some fun as long as you tell us "Where the party at?" Over here, rude bwoy give them that "Wicked Stylez." Holla!


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