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It has been three years since Braddigan started his solo career. He rode the waves with the indie band Dispatch for nine years until this past summer when the band played its epic finale in Boston, "The Last Dispatch," drawing an estimated 110,000 people. Braddigan carries on with the Dispatch legacy spending time building relationships, both locally and overseas, investing in a community of listeners who desire more than just music. His first solo album, Watchfires, released in February 2005 on his new label Third Surfer.

Braddigan is an intense soul, a visionary living a wild and traveled life with a clear purpose of bringing people together. Music, film, family, surfing, and hanging with kids in far-away lands are his passions. Whether he's touring in the states or working on one of his projects in Central or South America, his approach is the same, "It's never what you do in life, but the heart with which you do it," he offers. "And so if your heart's in the right place, then follows your identity. A pretty cool chain reaction. I guess I'm just trying to keep it simple: yea, of course I love making music, but whatever man, it's just a bridge... getting to be with people because I play and sing, getting them all fired up, and growing my faith in the process, now that's where it's at..."

As far as his sound? Braddigan's music may best be described as "what would happen in a loving fist-fight between Paul Simon, Jack Johnson, and Pearl Jam!" As a drummer/guitar player/singer-songwriter, his songs are rooted in beautifully heavy rhythms, layers of harmonies, and cultural snapshots from his travels. Whether reggae, folk, latin, or rock, Braddigan's music flows lyrically from a deep well of adventures.

At current, in response to the tsunami tragedy and the crisis in the Sudan, Braddigan has brought 19 artists together on a compilation CD entitled "the Relief Project" to raise funds for Save the Children, an organization dedicated to protecting and healing displaced children the world over... The record features tracks from Arrested Development, North Mississippi Allstars, Dispatch, Phil Keaggy, Slightly Stoopid, and many, many more... "the Relief Project" benefit CD will be sold from one person to the next, it won't be available in stores, so please help spread the word-- it'll be released early august 2005.

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