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Zach Ashton is a self-taught musician from a small beach town on the gulf coast of Florida. His musical styles developed early from the influence of his parents and his state. With the high population of senior citizens, he was inundated with oldies music early on. The music of Ricky Nelson, The Everly Brothers and Sam Cooke weigh heavily on his lyrical and melodic approach to music. His parents, being very culturally adept, introduced him to such greats as the Kingston Trio, Louis Armstrong and Jacques Brel. He began playing in bands at the age of 18. In his first appearance, he was the vocal element for "Clay Feet", which was influenced by the likes of the Cure, Pearl Jam and New Order. Since then he has been part of several projects such as the garage sound of "China Boy Lo" where he played guitar and dished songs similar to the Angry Samoans.

Upon graduating from the University of Alabama, Zach Ashton moved throughout the world, spending half a year in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji... taking notes all the while on culture and music. He returned to Florida in 1999 only to leave again for his next destination, Brazil. There, he was extremely influenced by the culture, especially the music.The rhythms of Bossa Nova and Samba were permanently embedded in his soul. Reggae was also beginning to surround him. After Brazil he moved to San Diego, California, where he currently resides.

His first solo project, "Under The Blanket Of The Sky" (2002), is a combination of Latin reggae with melodic dreamscapes. The vocals are captivating and lyrically from the heart. Mixed by the great Alan Sanderson (Elton john, Rolling Stones, Fiona Apple), it is a compelling work of art that leaves the listener attached until the final note. This is music in its purest form, raw and full of feeling. its diversity evokes memory, emotion and place. When one listens they can almost see the places he has been both in the world and in his heart.

Recently, Zach Ashton recorded a new album in Brasil entitled "Mellow Dia" due for release worldwide in September 2004.

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