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"The song has authentic vibe...I like the message...The point of the lyric is certainly valid & heartfelt...In terms of production, the instrumental tracks sound excellent and certainly are up to par for airplay..." - TAXI

"A new voice for the Reggae music scene and it comes in the form of Ashaka. This single is a brilliant example of originality and also pleads the case for peace and unity. So, Ashaka has come with a single that's strong vocally as well as lyrically. Normally, I listen to half a song before moving on to the next one during a review, but something about this track made me listen to it until the very end.
The dub massive will be happy to see a dub version on this 4-track CD single and for the chanters among us they can head straight to track 4. Also, the lyrics are printed on the inlay of the single for those who want to sing along. All round, this is a good single and is well worth adding to your collection!" - The Dainty Crew, London England.

"It has a definite groove. The sound is distinct and fresh." - IRL Music Group, Inc.

"The song, like others on his forthcoming CD, deals more with themes such as social responsibility than love. His forthcoming album also will contain songs with religious themes." - St Louis Post-Dispatch

  • Modèle : Ashaka
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