High Alert

For generations believers have been keeping silent in worship, staying far from music that they labeled "worldly music" mainly because those type of music were played in night clubs , dance halls, and pop radio. It was regarded "out of character" for Christians to be seen ,dancing ,stomping, clapping their hands and "making noise" in churches, like the night club people,no no. Apostle Donovan says "It is a new day, Christians can not remain silent, hiding behind the walls of the churches anymore. We have to take the word to the streets,reaching out to young people, drug addicts, the homeless and the hopeless. To do that I use the universal language known to mankind, music". The High Alert Album reflects just that idea. It is flavored with heavy doses of Hip Hop, R&B and Raggae at the same time conveying messages of praise and prophecy,but no holding back on the drum and bass. Donovan Berbridge who was not a Christian initally,but he found his life changed many years ago, when two women appeared to him in a dream .They said "You are an Apostle, go spread the word of God". Soon after that dream, Donovan found the lord and gave his life to Jesus. He has since been spreading the word of God by any means necessary. He is deacon and music director at the Church of Jesus Christ Emanuel, located in Bronx, NY. Born in West Kingston ,the same area in Jamaica ,that the great Bob Marley ,Peter Tosh and a host of other Reggae&Dance Hall artists originated. Donovan loved music and befriended some great DJs and musicians from his home town .He even did some recordings in 1996.His love for music gave him the inspiration to form his own Music Ministry, "solely" to get the message of Jesus Christ out to all the people he can possibly reach .He contacted producers Junior Gentles and Ruddy Manning to work with him on his bebut album "High Alert", he was confident they could give him the sound of Hip Hop that he loves ,mixed with Reggae and R&B. This album is a must have.. All songs were written by Apostle Donovan with the exception of Sermon on the musuc, which was written by Jr Gentles and Apostle .Email Apostle Donoavn at extradollarz@yahoo.com

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