The Craters of Mars

Like magical guitar? Then buy this cd.
Like George Bush? Then don't buy this cd.
Fond of reggae? Afropop? Tropical islands? You'll love this record.
Fond of stocks and bonds and loaded guns? Sorry, we can't help you.
Like to make love in the warm sun? This is the music to put on before you start.
Like to watch war movies in the dark? Wrong website; go elsewhere.
Is music your medicine? This cd can be your doctor and your nurse.
Is "Homeland Security" your remedy? You need a second opinion!

If your life is a dance, then here is your dance. Peace and joy be with you, my sisters and brothers.

And don't worry about me - after forty years in the music business, I am More Than Halfway Home...
-- Barry "King Happy" Hyman 11/03/05

"...the kind of smooth sound that would make it agreeable to listen to with a glass of some choice beverage after a day hard at work."
-- The Bennington Banner 11/19/05

Barry Hyman - guitar
Derrik Jordan - keyboard and percussion
Jared Shapiro - electric bass
Johnny Yuma - drums
Laurence Hyman - horn

  • Modèle : Barry Hyman
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