Better Days

With the release of his landmark CD "Where There Is Life" in 1995, Jah Messenjah Luciano emerged as one of the most important reggae singers in decades and the greatest hope for roots reggae's survival in the digital dancehall era. Since that much acclaimed release, Luciano's music has been consistently praised for imparting sentiments of spiritual salvation, Rastafarian edification and African repatriation.

Jah Messenjah Luciano's heartfelt singing on his new songs is inspirational. He came out of roots and culture as a reggae singer and has proven to people that he can fit into any genre of music. He sings reggae, gospel and roots. Over the years he has listened to international artists like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Jim Reeves, so he has learned to appreciate and love the works of many artists. Although Luciano is well known as a reggae culture singer, he has an international message extends to people from all walks of life.

Mikey General’s devotion and genuine sincerity sets this Jamaican singer apart from the rest. Long known for his association with Luciano, he has spent two decades honing his craft in Jamaica as well as internationally.

In 1998, Luciano and Mikey General formed Jah Messenjah Productions with the aim of providing people with spiritual uplifting music in these times of degradation. With hard work the two singers built a nice home base and together they continue to shine.

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