Francesco today is an expert percussionist, since he as been studying for years, and he
plays many Afro-Brazilian instruments.He traveled a lot both to Africa and to Brazil,
where he met many local musicians.
In Italy, he attended a training course from one master from Nigeria,Where he learnt
to play Djembe,a typical African Instrument.Today though he is an expert musician, he
keeps studying because he always wants to improve himself.
When he was 5 he started playing,but since he had no instruments, he used to play
saucepans as drum.
Today he owns a record company which he founded himself,the MAGICWORLDSTUDIOS:it is
situated in Italy, North of Rome, and he intends to open a new branch of it
In Brazil,because the artist wishes to start a collaboration with some local musicians.
THANKS to the Internet he is now famous and his songs have benn downloaded by
thousands of users;in this CD he included the most downloaded music from NAPSTER and
His music cannot be classified into any musical genre,because Francesco likes inventing
and proposing something new to his fans.
Anyway,he gets inspiration from Afro-Brazilian traditional songs.
Francesco is always willing to collaborate with people having interesting proposals
and to answer questions,because one of his aims is to help emerging artists willing
to go in the same career with a few means and few money.
Francesco wishes to thank all his Fans, whose number is growing and who represent the
spur tho him for keeping going on that road.

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