"METAL TIGER", the second cd of music written by Amir. On this cd Amir introduces "Isis" (female vocalist) vocalizin on "UDO". Also Amir lays down some chord changes on "JATASA", "KEHEI", and "NAFASU",and whispering "KEHEI"(written while relaxing in MAUI). George Reich adds the tasteful guitar and keyboard elements to round out this unit."Pocket Piece",just jammin the way we do it. The cd title song "Metal Tiger" takes Amir back to the Longmarch Coffeee House on 4th & South Street in Phila. Pa in the 70's with Bill Lewis (vibist). A little taste of the avant garde. "Theme DShay" was written as a recital piece for a dance school, henceforth, DShay School of Dance, Phila. PA. "You Are" (written for the greatest boxer of all time). Listen to the movement of the song and just picture Muhammed Ali. Floatin like a butterfly, stinging like a bee.Awwwwwwwwwe.

Executive Producer: Amir
Producer: George Reich
All songs composed by AMIR.
copyright 2007
member ASCAP

lead vocals: Isis

recorded at hereafter studios/glendale, ca
metal tiger recorded at selah studios/los alamitos,ca
contact:310-972-0242 e-mail: alamirali@aol. Com

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