All I Need to Know

”Rachel Green” is a song about how we should not be afraid to follow our dreams. I have always been fascinated by India and the Indian music. Therefore the chance to go there was one I couldn’t very well refuse. We, I and Nikolaus von Knorring, arranged this song “Rachel Green” in India together with Sunny Viswanath. We even got the chance to sing this very song on a tv-show for the Indian channel Asianet. A great adventure it was! And what better way then to let the title track illustrate this adventure of ours.
If you wish to read more about the travel to India and what we did there please read on my website.

The next song “Both Sides Now” is a Joni Mitchell song and it was one of the first songs I fell in love with. My mom and dad kept a music cassette with Judy Collins and guess which song I listened to. I’ve had in mind for many years that one day I should make my own version of this song. The lyric really goes to my heart and the melody is one of those harmonic ones I love.

“All I Need to Know” will then follow up with my contribution to the old tale about Ikaros. I guess this is something most of us can relate to. On the other had chances often need to be created, you seldom simply bump into them.

The last song is a easygoing pop ballad named “Looking Back and Looking Forth” which is something I also consider important. We should look at our past to see where we’ve come and we should look ahead to see where we’re going. But more important I guess is to live right now and enjoy what we have. This very moment will never return.
On this song Nikolaus von Knorring is again helping me out with arrangement, singing and playing the guitar.

A lot of words I suppose, I only hope some made sense to anyone of you out there. Let’s not forget that music is created to be shared.
My best wishes!

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