Chester A Thomas

Born in Wichita Kansas 1957 the fifth child of nine. My
mother Helen Thomas was very musical incline. My mother
loves to sing and was influence by Patti Paige, Pasty Cline
and Dinah Washington. My mother had a chance to audition with Herbie Hancock when she was younger due to my mother shyness she decline the invitation. My second oldest brother JJ Johnson who lives in Holland took my mothers voice and ran with it. JJ has perform through out Holland. Bobby, BongoBob is my third oldest brother and he plays the percussion. Charles, Charlie T. is my fourth oldest brother and he plays the Drums. I use to try to play my Brothers instruments but I had no luck playing them. I ask my mother why I could not play my brothers instruments. My mother said Chester your day will come.

I worked for the Wichita Board of Education for 5 years. One of my co. workers David Lovett love to play the Guitar. David would come over and jam with my brothers. One day I was over David house and he had his sister saxophone lying out, I ask David if I could try to play it. I place my fingers on the keys and blew out some notes. David was so happy and jumps back and said Chester you can play the saxophone. David gave me the saxophone and told me to take it and learn how to play it. One day I was making a delivery to one of the public school when I meet the late great Walter Morgan who taught music for the Wichita Public Schools for 35 years. Mr. Morgan played with Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald and Lionel Hampton. Mr. Morgan also played with Duke Ellington and Count Basie when they performed in Wichita. My first lesson Mr. Morgan taught me how to play Mary had a little Lamb.

The Title Track "THUNDER" made it in the top 100 songs on Cimradio.com coming in at number 5 for the year 2004
And the following songs made the chart on Blazeradio
Believe N Me" came in at #38
"Downtown" at #25
"Look" at #20
"Handle With Care" at #19.

2 GOOD TO GO has been feature in Jazz Exodus Fall 2004 Issue
And Feature Artist on hte.cjb.net & overxposure.fm & umfm.net & swissgroove.ch

I would like to thank all of the radio station and music director who supported me and a special thank to all of my fan who supported me and all of the blessing from the almighty.

Thank you Chester A Thomas

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