The second cd that Albert has created, released on February 2006 by The title of the album is : Albert - "Hyperfly".
In this work the Funk - Rock and the Blues feel is stronger than "Visionary World", now blended with a smooth Jazz and Latin mood. Various melodies take us to a pleasant music trip. Also two marvellous "bluesy" songs are sung by Karen Solomon and Albert himself.
It is incredible how so many different elements can be balanced in the same music!
Some of the best Greek musicians featuring in this cd (many of them played on "Visionary World") who also have played all over the world. Their superb playing supports the music atmosphere, while Albert`s high poetic mood is strengthened by a strong rhythmic feel.
The concept of this cd is about the surpassing that a man has to do for develop and express himself freely and creatively.
Finally, an international work, a really "Global Music" !

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