Aries Reboot

Detroit is internationally recognized as an incubator of rhythmic genius.
Baba Issa Abramaleem is an inheritor of The Detroit Rhythm Mantle, with a rich working history in every venue from the Motown recording sessions of the hit filled '60's to the current Kozmik Kundalini Mugic genre, of which he is an acknowledged Godfather.

A master of multimedia, Baba Issa blends science/religion/art to create "Mugic" for the elevation of the planetary pulse rate. The fourteen tracks of Signs and Wonders induce intercourse between the base-of-the spine chakra and the crown chakra. This Mugic will massage your central nervous system. While listening to Kundalini Neurons and Photophilia you will feel your cerebral-spinal fluid bubbling and rising up your spinal column, on its way to rendezvous with your pituitary gland.

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