Andrew's world travels have highly influenced his musical styles, as the rhythms of Brazil, Latin America, Spain, and Africa lace through most of his music. His poetry too, highly influenced by the Persian Sufi poets Rumi and Hafiz, as well as Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, has recently begun to weave more and more into his guitar playing, thick with various rhythms of many parts of the world. This poetry comes out in many languages and forms, and combines with melodies from Andrew's own creative world to create the lyrics and songs on his two new albums, All I Know, and Presente.

The 27 songs on these two albums (Presente and All I Know) were recorded acoustically, with Andrew performing all the guitar, percussion, and vocal parts himself. Along with playing lead and rhythm guitar parts on the recordings, he also plays the cavaquinho, a tiny four-stringed Brazilian ukelele/guitar traditionally used in Samba music of Brazil. The many percussion instruments featured on the CDs are African djembés, cajón, agô-gô, tamborim, cuica, xekeré, ganzá, claves, and bongos (see the instruments page on Andrew's website for more info www.andrewdahlbredine.com ).

Through his recordings and performances, as well as through words, actions, and movements in everyday life, Andrew tries to embody, express, and more fully realize the truth of what he really is; the truth of the moment; the truth of what pours through him as a human being; a human - being what it really is.

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