Abdul a Booboo Le Mer

abdulfez aka Cliff Taylor started life in Morocco on a film set with Dustin Hoffman, Warren Beatty and Max Headroom to name a few of the actors. While filming with Max they cooked up the concept for the Fez Bros., single TheFez Stomp, written by abdulfez, and a video with Derek Jarmin to direct for the never released Arista single) a short indie film followed (WESTAR: The Adventures of Henry the Cockney Shark, written and directed by the Fez Bros.

abdulfez spent 16 years in London hosting abdul's Used Camelot in 1987 on MTV-Europe, BBC Radio 4, Emmy Nominated Best International Comedy, Bumbledown: The Life and Times of Ronald Reagan, for Spitting Image.

"IN THE LOUNGE WITH abdulfez." CD, with Northern Line Misery line on RTL Country Radio the only country radio station in London and Funky Bunker Cowboy Blues on ITV all over Southeast England. See it on:


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John Stevens, Uzi Productions, Ltd., (Japan)

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