A Fonte

Composition (music and lyrics), performance,arrangements, a production and recording by Anaya
Recorded in the Day Break Studio in Brasil, Brazil, from November 2003 to February 2004.
Recording engineer - Philippe Seabra and Anaya
Edition,mixing,mastering - Gustavo Dreher
Musicians - Anaya and Flavio (guitar),Anaya (Keyboards),Daniel Jr. (bass),Fabio (drums), Tiago (percussion)
Cover creation - Anaya
Design and cover execution - Daniel.
Interview by Anaya with the musical productor Philippe Seabra, music background by Anaya with "Love symphony".
(All rights reserved by Anaya at international level@Tania Mara Botelho, 2004.)

Press release - Anaya music

Anaya is an unique talented artist - Composer,performer,singer, producer, from Brasilia in Brazil, although she has an international profile.Ranking of TOP Selling and HOT PICK cds in the latin genre in the ex-mp3.com. This Cd UNPLUGGED is her first accoustic album and mainly based on guitar and voice. It includes also three songs done only with keyborads in order to listeners be able to see the accoustic and electronic together.
Interviewing Anaya is like discovering a world of artistic curiosities of a professional musician that is also a dancer and an instrumental performer since 4 years old: an artistic premature genius with a sense of self-taught person, she is also educated in dance, singing, art painting, drama, and maily in guitar, Piano, and in computers. With a Post-Doctorate in Information technologies in the USA(Syracuse) and PhD in England.
Anaya has been travelling all over the world and has been performing in international hotels the pop brazilian music.
She has done 34th cd as an independent production that Anaya is very proud of. She is a virtual artist and promotes her musical work through an internet site, where she participates in chats and email with fans to communicate with her audience.
Member of Ascap(1998), Grammy Recording Academy(2004), Indexed by AllMediaGuide-AMG.
Contacts by fax 5(61)3402625
(Space380.com -Brazilian composer, singer and producer, peforming ambient, new age & world soundscapes hitting the top of the mp3.com latin charts.Similar to R.I.Y.L.Vangelis, Kitaro, Enya, Derek Strait or Diana Krall)
COMMENTS FROM FANS ~~~ Anaya music is timeless! Close your eyes and get soothed by the new age style of Anaya. Relax,leave this world for a while,when you come back from the Anaya experience, you'll be more prepared to tackle life's challenges. Anaya, Playing your wonderful music,so many different voices, a multitude of sound. You have a very unique touch almost like a fantasy of the subconscious mind. How fluid and serene! You are my favorite!

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