After 12 - The Midnight Theme

Reggaeology is basically all the music that inspires me rolled up in the blanket of my foundation, Reggae music. One of the fundamentals of Reggaeology is the raw, hypnotic, sensual Bass. I am still a novice at this mighty instrument, but I practice hard everyday to improve.

My RASpect goes to; Tim Kabali, Fred ‘Wallus’ Walusimbi, Bukko Brite, Charles ‘Chuck’ Busuulwa, Bass Player Magazine and to all members of the International Music Players â€" Bass Lowdown forum. I have learnt, and indeed continue to learn and get encouragement from all these great musicians.

I love The Blues, Jazz and Soul for the raw sensuality and passion they provide. Reggae, my foundation, is borne out of the above forces. What I have is what I give you. I have chosen to visit the roots of it all, guided by the Spirits of sincerity and RASpect to the forefathers and ancestors of The Blues, Jazz, Soul and Reggae. I’ll keep the faith and continue the trod.

Some very talented musicians with big hearts have shared their talents on this project. K’Angie Mtume is back to spice up the music with her sensual, sassy vocals.
Two of my immediate mentors who are helping me learn more about playing the Bass guitar and guiding me musically as we share music ideas also play on the album. Bukko Brite who plays Lead/Rhythm guitar for Afrigo Band and Fred ‘Wallus’ Walusimbi of Gospel group First Love, play electric guitar and acoustic guitar respectively.

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