Among the Akan people of Ghana, West Africa, Biakuye means unity. It is the spirit of unity that brings the American and African members of Biakuye together to perform "Melorhythmic world percussion," uniting the cool sound of American jazz vibraphone, drum set, and electric bass with the melorhythmic richness of African xylophone, kalimba, and hand drums.

Biakuye performs original compositions and arrangements that draw on a wealth of American and African melodic percussion traditions including the Ugandan embaire and budongo, American marimba and vibraphone, and Ghanaian gyil.

Mark Stone, an expert performer of global melodic percussion, formed Biakuye in 1993. The group has since spread its message of unity through numerous performances and educational events. The Biakuye Percussion Group includes master Ghanaian drummer Kofi Ameyaw, virtuoso American percussionist Roger Braun, and dynamic Senegalese bass player Issa Sall.

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