Aha Turi Harabandi

Adjobalove was born in Rumonge Burundi, Central Africa in April, 1976 to become an international singer, guitar player, composer and messenger of Rastafari Roots Reggae Music. Aha Turi Hari Abandi was recorded in Menya Media Studio, Burundi, while Ubumenyi Bwiza was recorded later in New Way Studio in the USA. His music and messages are known widespread throughout continental Africa and America via live concerts, radio, and video television. In USA, he’s founded The New Way band and played concerts in Southern California. In Africa, he founded and played with Friends Wailers Band touring Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, entertaining such dignitaries as Presidents and Nelson Mandela.
Adjobalove’s messages of peace and love are inspired by Jah and his experience in Africa’s history. Having seen genocide war, people die, hungry orphaned children in the streets due to disease and HIV, his healing messages bring positivity and hope to build for a better future as one new heart, one love, one new world together in one destiny.

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