Depipson is from the North West Province of Cameroon.He is a multi talented not only playing bottle dance but also does excellently makossa, soukouss , ndombolo, high-life,COUPE DECALE,ZOUK CONGOLESE RUMBA,hE SINGS IN MANY LANGUAES LIKE ENGLISH,FRENCH, SPANISH, PIDGIN ENGLISH,AND MORE, ALSO CHECH OUT HIS OTHER COMPOSITINS LIKE:
This is a unique manifestation of artistic expertise in developing heart piercing lyrics,melody and rhythm through a tactical fusion of COUPE DECALE(Ivory Coast) with MAKOSSA(Cameroon),Soukouss and Ndombolo(Congo), High-life(Nigeria and Ghana),Bottle Dance(Bamenda) and also a blend of Caribean Zouk with Congolese rumba.
SONGS are written in 9 different languages:English, French, Spanish,Pinyin,Douala,Pidgin English or creole, Lingala,Nkambe,Bali and more.
From a Socio-Politico- Analytic perspective,Depipson harmers hard on the leaders of our societies,human oddities,love relations and the senseless struggle and fighting for power while neglecting the absolute need of the masses (especially in ZERO MORT -POLITICIANS, CONGOSSA,AFRICA,WOMAN,JE NE SAIS PAS, LOVE ONE ANOTHER.)
.Depipson is an African born artist from the North West Province of Cameroon.His music career started way back before elementary education playing in his village youth orchestra,then in school bands like a flute player later joined College and university orchestra,and made his way through education without being distracted like most of his friends.
After his University education, he became a famous teacher in High Schools and Colleges in Douala where he made with great artist of the time like Manulo Nguime, Maurice Njoume, late Sam Bacho, Toucouleur, and started recording his first album with Manulo and Jeannot Ebelle in 1995 entitled MAMI NYANGA. He left Cameroon for USA in 1997 and released his second album ZERO MORT IN 2000 with the help of a Ghanian producer ,Mannie Mensah of Afrisong Records backed by the soukouss stars of Congo.In 2001, released a complete Bottle Dance CD- SUZANA- traditional but club-like kind of command and dance music of the North West Province of Cameroon.After this album he spent 5 years in the studio to come out with twin release hits of MARIA vol.1 and CONGOSSA vol.2.with his own group FOLO FOLO.(the mouth piece of the masses)
He is also a holder of a Nursing Diploma and had worked as a Therapeutic Counselor in Public Schools in Philadelphia and later in the New Jersey State Hospital

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