Empires Rise, Nations Crumble

Antibalas ("anti-bullets" in Spanish) is a 14-piece-plus collective carrying on the Afrobeat tradition begun by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Based in New York, the band combines highlife, jazz, funk, and traditional African rhythms and informs all of it with unabashed political conviction. The band's sound is rooted in monstrous horns and bass, polyrhythmic beats and funky breaks, and furious lyrics in English, Yoruba and Spanish. Every Antibalas show is a dance party and life-affirming celebration. The band has traveled the world, spreading its captivating sound and potent message.

Antibalas regularly wins over jazz crowds, rock crowds, DJ crowds, world music crowds, jam band crowds, and anyone else in their path. They have performed at jazz festivals from Montreal to Montreux to Istanbul. They have been favorites at multi-genre festivals such as Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot, and England's Big Chill. They have opened for James Brown, No Doubt, Wyclef Jean, Trey Anastasio and more. They have played many of rock's best-known venues, including Irving Plaza in New York, the Fillmore in San Francisco, and the Metro in Chicago. They have received plaudits in countless publications, including the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the New Yorker, Rolling Stone and the underground URB magazine. They have also been featured on National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" and "Fresh Air."

Baritone saxophonist Martín Perna launched this union of Latinos, whites, African-Americans, Africans and Asian-Americans in 1998. The group released its first album, Liberation Afrobeat Vol. 1, on the UK-based Ninjatune label in 2001. The acclaimed 2002 follow-up, Talkatif (also on Ninjatune), was co-produced by Antibalas and Gabriel Roth of Daptone and Desco fame. In addition, Antibalas appeared on the Red Hot & Riot compilation (MCA), a tribute to Fela intended to raise money for the African AIDS epidemic.
Since the release of Talkatif, Antibalas has toured relentlessly throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. But the band's New York roots remain strong. They maintain a cooperative recording/rehearsal/performance space in their community in Bushwick, Brooklyn and regularly bring the noise to clubs, outdoor festivals and events throughout the city.

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