This just released CD by Cape Verdean artist, Alcides da Graca, is a collaborative project featuring various Cape Verdean musicians and has captured the interest of music lovers from various cultures. This CD features traditional tropical sounds of the Islands of Cape Verde. The following are just some of the many comments received from fans regarding this CD.

“The sambas and coladeiras not only take you to another place and time but the rhythm of the music will have you on your feet and dancing.”

“The beautiful, compelling, haunting and expressive voice of the singer delivers the message directly to the heart and the romantic melodies, serenades, and mournful ballads straight to the soul.”

“Even the most conservative person in the world cannot help but to tap his/her toes to songs such as 'Sangui di Crioulu'.”

Alcides, born to a family of accomplished musicians in the Cape Verde Islands, is the son of Jose Gomés da Graca, otherwise known as “Djedjinho” (a well known musician, composer, songwriter). Alcides emigrated to the US in 1967. Performing since the age of 13, he is a well known and accomplished musician in his own right, a composer, producer, songwriter and vocalist. He performed in his father’s band from the age of 15 until the late 1970’s.

Alcides went on to his first solo project entitled, “Nha Terra”. This CD made the fans hungry for more. It was followed shortly thereafter by “Esperanca”, a collaborative project which not only continued his father’s legacy but included new pieces composed, written, produced and performed by Alcides.

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