I think I Love You

Ayan Jo , born and raised Nigerian now American singer/writer of worldbeat music has made his debut to the scene with his new cd album " World Report " .

Ayan Jo has been involved with music since childhood.
His music stems back to his native land of Nigeria and since music has been in his fathers culture making what he labels as "Root Culture Beat" music thus one can be enlightened about harmony-of-mankind, love for one another and the issues of mans inhumanity for man.

Singing and playing his guitar about the positive side of Love/Life and Harmony of mankind and combining that with agile dancing and a quick wit one really begins to feel a unique and fulfilling message. His new album can also be enjoyed by those who have a more analytical and philosophical outlook on Love/Life and Harmony of mankind. Don't miss out on his performance when
Ayan Jo comes to your town ! Become "Enlightened" and enjoy the beautiful
sound of " Root Culture Beat " !

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