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Abraham Salman is the greatest living master of the Arabic Qanoun & Arabic instrumental improvisations - the Taqassim.
Born in Iraq in 1931. His youthful talent was discovered upon joining the Royal Iraqi Radio Orchestra where he was the principal qanoun player. Salman gained respect and recognition across the Arab world and accompanied renowned Arabic singers such as Muhammad Abd Al-Muttalib, Nazem Al-Gazali and Sou'ad Muhammad during thier performances in Iraq.
In 1950 Salman emigrated to Israel and worked with the Arabic orchestra of the Israeli radio until 1988. During these years he became so prominent a figure in the orchestra that it is equated with his name. In addition to being a virtuoso performer Salman has composed instrumental music, film music, and recorded Western classical music. This cd is a retrospective of the work of this great artist over the past 35 years and includes both old recordings made by the Israeli radio since the 60th (selected by Avshalom Farjun) together with new recordings from 1996. It chronicles a remarkable musical journey of a master of the Qanoun.
" Abraham Salman is a genius in the true sense of the word, with a musical personality comprising a spectrum of astonishing diverse characteristics. He has achieved both versatility and expertise in the theory, history and performance of Arabic music. he is a master of the intricacies of the Arabic maqamat and has perfect control of the technique required by the qanoun. The hallmarks of his work are xtraordinary sensitivity, spirituality and etherelity. His sophistication in modulation among the maqamat is unique and displays his special creativity andunbridled imagination.
In the performance of Taqasim (improvisations) Abraham Salman is undoubtedly a towering figure throughout th Middle East" (Prophessor Taiseer Elias, musicologist)

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