Hear (Beshnou), Setar

Born in Iran, Hamed learned to sing at the age of seven, and studied Tar & Setar, under the tutorship of some of the masters of classical Persian music. By the time he was twenty; he could play five instruments expertly, adding Tanboor, Oud and Daf to his existing repertoire. After receiving a B.A. degree in music composition, he began writing his own music and performing in concerts as both a vocalist and instrumentalist, with some of the most highly acclaimed music ensembles before wide audiences in Iran, Europe and Asia. He has recorded two albums, performing as a fusion vocalist, with Rumi and Emad ensembles, singing among many, some of his own songs. He has also recorded as a vocalist, with an ensemble of selective members of Tehran Symphony Orchestra pieces composed and directed by Majid Derakhshani, one of Iran’s greatest contemporary music composers.

Hamed has also written music scores and performed solo instruments in several motion pictures made by some of the most distinguished directors of the Iranian cinema. His most recent work was the hit theme song for the widely broadcasted TV serial “Ahooyeh Mahe Nohom”, composed by Ramin Behna, one of Iran’s best cinematic music composers.

Since his arrival in U.S., Hamed has performed in numerous concerts before enthusiastic audiences throughout the U.S. His mesmerizing voice has earned him the reputation of being “One of Iran’s Best Young Vocalists” among both American and Iranian audiences alike. He currently resides in Palo Alto, California, where he teaches, writes and records music.

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