Majiti Mataliti

The legendary Debut Album of AKJE, which layed the basic foundations of the label in 1990.
"....The thrust of the album is definitely traditional Moroccan music, with darbukka, bendir, violin, mandolin and melismatic vocals. These are augmented by acoustic and electric guitars and percussion, yet the result isn`t much like other African music that incorporates modern technology.... This work is a rare exception, using eccentric production - Dub like reverb, odd rushes of subliminal background noise and buzzing`s nonetheless one of the most genuinely different sounds I`ve heard recently.." Richie Unterberger - Option (No.39)
"....Yet "El Buya" is more than one of the strangest Dub recordings ever. There are surfacings of attractive melodies (Sankara) with a folky flavor (if you like your "folk muisc" from another metaphysical sphere). Percussion lovers will tune into the mad drumming riffs. Drug abusers kicking the habit will find this far more potent than any illegal product sold on the streets.
I always wondered what might make Perry or On-U productions sound conservative. El Buya is it. Listen at your own risk. A terrifying beauty is declared.." Norman Weinstein - The Beat (Vol.10)
"....It gives you the feeling of beeing lost in a huge sprawling Arabic bazar, overhelmed by the smells and sounds, hopelessly losing your bearings, and unable to speak the language. After multiple listenings to this record over many, many weeks, I still can`t come to a conclusion.... I am still roaming around among the barrels of fish heads and squatting drummers, trying to find my way back to the main street. An interesting place to visit.." Cliff Furnald - CMJ Dec.6, 1991

  • Modèle : Aisha Kandisha's Jarring Effects
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