Ladies in Control

He is one of the most famous artists on the world stage at present. He is a talented singer, songwriter, musician and producer at the same time. His single "Gimme me the Jimmie" and album "Only 21" have exploded Germany. His talent's product has hit the chart of the best selling album across Europe in recent months. His name is ALantonio. The former world music artist known as Dichunary, his rich talent, signature smokey vocals and musically diverse styles are back in stride with a new sound and music for everyone, after a 15-year hiatus. When he gave up a thriving career in World and Caribbean music over a decade ago, many thought that he had gone insane; some even wondered what he would do. The one thing ALantonio was sure about was that he wanted inner peace with his spirituality. Therefore, he abruptly gave up secular music, and the world of glamour, fame and fortune, after a stunning performance at the former Audubon Ballroom in NYC, for that matter, in search of inner peace and true happiness. ALantonio said that he found that peace after being enraptured by an exhortation from the legendary Al Green "the pulpiteer." ALantonio has been a very busy pulpiteer himself for the past 15 years, working with a number of Christian Ministries as lecturer, gospel singer and organist, traveling across America and around the World. The New York based genuine musician and authentic artist, is back after a self-imposed 15-year exile from reggae, Soca and world music. The handsome, petite boy face, versatile singer, who once said he hates to be limited, is now armed with a newfound sense of purpose. Though he remains committed to his religious values, ALantonio now believes he is strong enough to endure the strain of superstardom and its sinful lure. In 2002, ALantonio decided to start his own record label and music publishing company, then he returned to the recording studio and wound up creating the album "Love Somebody" an appealing mixture of reggae, gospel, calypso and soca beats with non-offensive rhymes. Fans and artists who missed the mild-mannered versatile, authentic singer /musician from England, very well received the album. His prodigious debut single under the title" Raise a Hand" was acclaimed, and it still earns imposing numbers around the world, getting a top 5 single in the UK, and New York , winning the third place in French charts as well as many other national charts in many areas across Europe. The opening single from" Love Somebody" became a smash in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean and was a tremendous hit on the rhythm-and-blues and hip-hip charts. When asked why returning to secular music, after all these years being self alienated from it? Alantonio replied, "How could one sit down and not use the talents that God has given them? Is not singing to people and making them happy a wonderful thing to do? Well then, after all these years of being stagnant as far as my music talents is concerned, I knew it was only time before I considered the many pleas from friends and loyal fans, to hit the music stage once more. I do not forget how I started out at age 10, I believe it was presupposed by my origin, a boy who was couched musically by an Aunt and Uncle who were legendary musicians in their own rights. I was destined to sing. Being accustomed to feel almost any kind of music, as a genuine musician I hate to be limited". "Only 21" ALantonio latest 2004 Project includes songs, which are different, from the point of view of style, of the music and singing manner. Still, having heard all 14 songs from the album, it is safe to say Alantonio is not a "pure" rapper. Among hip-hop songs, and jumpy Caribbean soca, one can easily feel the influence of both reggae and R&B, mingled with the way of singing peculiar, only to this great West Indian American. Countries such as Germany, Denmark, France, Finland, Russia, England, Spain, The Caribbean Island, and many others witnessed monumental performances by Alantonio with the mike, his harmonica, guitar or his favorite, The Hammond B3 organ over the years.

written by Gena Cole

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