White Linen

Jamaica West Indies,
World famous “Passa Passa” Jamaica’s weekly dance-off undoubtedly labeled hip-hop/dancehall artist Stoogee’s “Havin A Party” (hip-hop/dance) record “SELL OFF” in 2006'. Now making it’s way back to the U.S. in 2007', the single in which Stoogee exercises his trademark broken English/Patois(hip-hop/dancehall) style over a 120beats per minute type dance track, has all Dj’s and dance fraternities loving this one, and what more perfect a record to play when you’re having a party than- “Havin A Party”. It will get the party CRUNKED, fill-up the DANCE FLOOR, fill-up the BAR and ENERGIZE you to have a GOOD TIME!!
But on the flip side if you’re too busy to party cause you're working putting in that overtime, then you’re on the “NIGHT SHIFT”. Song # 2 on the EP. Dedicated to all strivers, those seeking out that x-tra HUSTLE, that x-tra DOLLAR, putting in that x-tra TIME. This record will: MOTIVATE YOU, INSPIRE YOU, ENLIGHTEN YOU, UPLIFT YOU and THRILL YOU!!
Followed up by # 3, the R&B/Reggae collaboration entitled “WHITE LINEN”. A smash crossover classy record in which Stoogee combines his Yard & Soul(hip-hop/dancehall)Sound with a beautiful R&B songstress making a record for all ages to love and appreciate. So on your next “All-white” boat ride, tell the DJ to play that Stoogee “WHITE LINEN” while you grab your partner and dance- the -night- away!!!!!
For all you HOT producers on the come-up, Songs # 4 and 5 are two Acapella’s for you to DO YA THING with. If you think it’s FIRE submit it to the email address below after your purchase!!!

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