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Makuta was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in a time when Reggae Music was at its peak. His first attempt in the business started when he wrote his first song “Bad Sound” back in 1991 as an attempt to win a clash between himself and a close friend. This was a time when double deck stereos were famous and recording with cassettes was popular. His interest rose further once he went computer-based. Since then Makuta has gain experience with various production styles whether for Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae Dancehall.

Makuta released 3 amateur albums to mark his progression from cassette recordings to computer-based productions. His inspirations came from Reggae Artists like Bob Marley, Spragga Benz, Baby Cham, Bushman, Vybz Kartel, Tanya Stephens and Inner Circle. Even though he as not secured a record contract with a major record company, his level of work seemingly falls in the realm of a professional. His recent compilation “Music Too Sweet” proved he is ready for the next step. He performs the role of Producer/Artist on his coming release ‘Dutty Minded’ which is a compilation of his favorite topic ‘The Sacred Feminine’. This compilation is another symbol of his constant improvement from his early start as an Artist.

In summer of 2004, he entered a Reggae Talent Contest, which lasted 2 months at Wimbley Sports Club, Bronx NY. During the competition, he was forced to compose new songs weekly in order to stay fresh and up-to-date. During the competition his writing skills made a metaphoric transformation, allowing him to be more creative and free. He was deemed the favorite by the audience and host each week and it caused contention amongst the other Artists. His battle skills was tested twice when he was challenged by Paper Boy from New Jersey, who performed a song dissing the Artists in the competition. Vinegar, responded with a hit back not only on Paper Boy but also on Makuta. He didn’t care to respond because focus on the true goal. In the final round he was pinned again Vinegar and this was the opportunity he was waiting for. He first started with his new song ‘Di Betta One’ which was a hit back on Vinegar, then another ‘Makuta Nuh Care’ that left the club in uproar. Even with his new age, dancehall style and catchy lyrics, Makuta were unable to secure the title of champion. Vinegar out did him with his early 80’s style filled with symmetric phrases and audience interaction. He later entered another Talent Show, which was broadcast, on Brooklyn/Bronx Public Access program ‘Backyard TV’. From his performance at Wimbley and Backyard TV,Makuta has been sorted by New Artists and producers for Music Production. It was rumored throughout the competition that the Instrumentals (riddims) he used during his performances were his own production. Today, Makuta his studying Music Production and Technology at Berklee School Of Music in Boston. His production techniques improved and could be witness on his is self produced new release ‘Dutty Minded’.

‘Dutty Minded’ is an album that focuses on the idea of male thoughts and conversations that’s kept in the locker rooms and poker tables of men everywhere. Makuta strive to tell stories about personal sexual encounters, which took place when he was a youth ‘My D!@K Story’ and ‘Check Fi Yuh’, once he got older ‘Pums Analyst’ and ‘Gimme Dem’. In ‘Nuh Matta Wat’ he express his love for that special woman and his weakness to cheat. ‘Badman From Yard’ and ‘Badman Chant’ glorifies the reality of Jamaican gangsta living abroad bringing fear to those who dear cross them. If nothing else, ‘Dutty Minded’ tells a complex story about the complex mental state of today’s youth, based on influences from musical Artists, the media and situations within their own communities. This compilation was recorded at FiWEH Production Studio and produced by Delroy ‘Makuta’ James.

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