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Language Arts Crew have been at it for over 5 years, and have gained a strong recognition along the way. From The Bay Area, more specifically San Jose, they have managed to stay true to the underground sound rather than conforming to the 'hyphy movement' sound that most Bay Area rappers nowadays are starting to take on.
The title track, Applied Knowledge, features a sample from Jimi Hendrix's 'Voodoo Child,' which gives it a unique, catchy sound. An accapella freestyle backed by a beat box leads into one of the groups biggest singles, 'Lazy Daze in California.' The blues/pop sounding piano has a east coast elementary sound, backed by solid hip hop rhythms that will have you packing your bong in the morning, waking up hungover in the Cali sunshine.
Songs like 'The Last Letter,' and 'One Life' make you want to grab your headphones, backpack, shell toe Adidas, and take the next bus into the city. While songs like 'D Day,' and 'Heaven and Hell' make you want to throw your hands up and knock to the beats backed by symphony strings.
Opening for some of the biggest underground artists today, such as Living Legends, and Sage Francis, they're making their mark. Having heard snippets of their next album already, keep your eyes and ears open, because you'll be surprised to hear their true unique underground sound from their first CD all the way to their last

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