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Alvare Bio.

Name: Alvare
Titles: CEO/Artist, Monte Cristo Entertainment
Years in the Game: 10+
Projects: LOGIC, (EP) 1996
Hip-Hop Quotable: "You couldn't match my equal even if you cloned this song a sequel..." by Alvare, "Champion Sound"

For over 10 years I have put my heart and soul into this music we call Hip-Hop. I have accomplished this by using real life scenarios and underground persona which best describes my music and lifestyle. George Emmett was this kid I used to hang with in high school who told me to start writing. At first, I was reluctant, but gave it a shot and here I am doing my thing. Ever since then, hip-hop has been a culture I've embraced in everything I do in my life.
So let me tell you a little bit about myself. Growing up in the town of Perth Amboy wasn't easy. Drugs and crime were a heartbeat away. However, this did not take control of me. I have a strong family to thank for that. I could have easily sold drugs or robbed folks, but that wasn't me. I wanted to make it in this hip-hop game as a young Hispanic entrepreneur. Yeah, there are always obstacles, but life is what you make it. Only the strong survive in this game.
Through my road to the promise land of Hip-Hop I formed a group called Devious Dialects that consisted of 2 dj's, 2 emcees, and an artist. That was a learning experience in itself. Also, I've worked with Legend of Black Ruutz, Inc. This was truly a huge influence in my life. I was able to produce and write my first 4-song maxi-single in 1996 self titled "LOGIC". Even greater, that same year I released the maxi-single getting street credibility in an instant.
Furthermore, before I meet Theory of Silent Assassins Enterprises through K-Banger, I pretty much was paying dues and not getting my demos complete because of fake producers trying to jerk me. Through Theory I have been able to complete my first album.
Also, I have met another producer by the name of Halo Sin, which has contributed, to my project. Even greater, I was able to get some classic guest appearances by Swing & Theory (PHD), K-Banger, and Verbalz. Moreover, with my new independent label, Monte Cristo Entertainment I will be able to be in full control of my destiny.
Hip-Hop Desperation proved to be a step in the right direction getting love from all over the world including, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom, London, Netherlands, France, Italy, Israel, Brazil, and Japan. International love indeed. The U.S. showed mad love up and down the tri-state, the dirty south in ATL aka Atlanta, California, Tennessee, Ohio, and Florida just to name a few. All the US & International radio has either had me as a guest or played my music in their rotation. Also, the performances in various venues have proven to be good times for everyone. Good lookin out.
The reviews and interviews have been nothing but phenomenal. Some of the magazines, newspapers, and online sites that have reviewed the project are Rago Magazine (UK), (US), Urbanelite (UK), (US), Insomniac Magazine (US), Shine Magazine(US), (US), Ace Of Spades "Music Notes" (US), WonderTwinz "B-Side Record Pool" (US), (US), Universal Hip-Hop Archive (Netherlands), I-Jonez Online Mag (US), (UK), (England), Home News Tribune (US), (US), (US), (US), (US).
The current project has been officially released in the first week of August 2005. The production team gives you the bangin beats and Alvare takes care of the rest. Peace to Undefined of CCP, Halo Sin of Sin Soundworks, and JLogic of Octavian & Ceasar Music for their production masterpiece. Their hard work and dedication have brought nothing but love to this new release. Enak, Ice-Age, Gemini, DJ Concept, DJ Spanky, Undefined, Halo Sin, Citizen Vein, Panchito y Fuyo all gave this album the seasoning mixed with the key ingredient: Alvare. This will keep the hungry hip-hop heads full with nothing but good music and food for thought. Charlie "Mix Down" Marotta at North Shore Soundworks and Paul Sukovich at Suite 16 Recording Studio smoothed out the rough edges and brought out what needed to be heard.
The album has been long awaited and considered a classic by many who have been a part of the movement from day one. Time will tell, but Alvare has proven that determination and heart go a long way. As for the music it's nothing but the realness. Alvare puts up a front for no one. If I experience something, I write about. I write what I feel. If it's from the heart, you can't go wrong. A little bit for everyone to enjoy. From Hip-Hop Desperation to Respiration giving Inspiration. Taken you from tape decks to cdplayers, tape recorders to cd burners, Alvare will give you everything you want in music plus more. This ones for everything. All the chips are on the table. Place your bets. Never Heard of This will be an album for the ages. The possible from impossible. Peace.

Alvare 2005
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