The sound of Dan Bau – The haunting melodies!

After concerts, we often asked and commended “Is it really one string?”, “How it works?”, “Could I try it?”, “Wow! It was the incredible sounds!”, “From far away, I couldn’t see the string, so it looked like you were touching the air to make music. Beautiful, beautiful melodies!!!”

What is it?
It called Dan Bau, the Vietnamese national one string zither. It is constructed of a long narrow sound box with a tall curved stem made from water buffalo horn inserted at one end. The single string runs between the sound box and a small wooden gourd attached to the stem. The stem is bent to change the pitch of the string. The string is plucked at nodal points producing the dan bau’s characteristic high clear sound.

The CD is combination of solo and duet Dan Bau with ten difference orchestras and ensemble that including:
Traditional Orchestra of Tashkent Conservatory
Traditional Orchestra of Tajikistan
Traditional Orchestra of Uzbekistan
Traditional Orchestra of the Vietnam Conservatory of Music
Lotus Ensemble
Rose Ensemble
Traditional Orchestra of the Vietnam National Music Theatre
Symphony Orchestra of Vietnam
Gamelan Madu Sari
National Symphony Orchestra of Latvia

Chi Khac Ho is the premiere Vietnamese virtuoso on the Dan Bau. He was master instructor in the department of traditional music at the Vietnam Conservatory of Music and has taught Vietnamese music at the University of British Columbia. Chi has received many important awards for performance and composition as well as for the improvement of the Dan Bau.

Bic Ngoc Hoang was the first woman to receive first prize for Dan Bau in the Competition of Professional Instrumentalists in Vietnam, and she won the golden award at the World Youth Festival in Korea. Bic was instructor in the Hanoi College of Arts and has taught Dan Bau in Canada at University of British Columbia.

Chi and Bic are formed Khac Chi Duo and have released three CDs:
“The Sounds of Dan Bau”
“Spirit of Vietnam” - Best Global Recording and CARAS (Canadian Arts and Science) Award Nominee.
“Moon Light in Vietnam”– Top Ten World Music Chat! Labeled and distributed by Rounder Record in US.

More information about the group, please visit www.khacchi.com

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