Reflections of Mt. Carmel


Recorded live at the University of Vermont Recital Hall on January 12-14, 1981 after Do’a - Randy Armstrong & Ken LaRoche returned from a 2 month cross-country tour, this album was one of the first digital recordings in the United States. Recorded with the Mitsubishi X-80 Digital Recorder and the NEOTEK Series III Console, this album is sonically spectacular featuring flutes, guitars, balofon, biwa, alto kalimba, tabla and percussion.

Randy Armstrong – Acoustic, Classical and High-String Guitars, Mandolin Harp, Moroccan Clay Drums, West African Balafon, Japanese Biwa

Ken LaRoche – Concert and Alto Flutes, South African Kalimba, Mexican Clay Flute, Bolivian Flute, Krishna Bamboo Flute, Chinese Temple Blocks, African Bells, Soprano and Alto Recorders

Robert Bennett –North Indian Tabla, Cameroonian Shakers, Mandile Wood Drums, Tibetan Tingshaw Bell, Chinese Temple Blocks, Percussion

Bill Kinzie –Cymbals, Wind Chimes, Cowbell, Roto -Toms, Cameroonian Shakers, Samoan Wood Block, Agogo Bell

Our music strives to express the appreciation we feel for the great diversity of musical elements in the world that may be combined to create a sound that synthesizes the East and the West, the old and the new.

We see a universal art being born in this day, an art that fuses together the beauty of the past and yet is new, expressing hope in the rebirth of civilization and the unity of the human race.

"Randy Armstrong and Ken LaRoche have composed some of the brightest contemporary instrumentals this side of the hemisphere."
- CD Review

"Superb sound quality delivering compositions with a springing joy." —
- Digital Audio Magazine

Do'a is an Arabic-Persian word signifying a call to prayer, meditation, chanting and worship.

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