Take Classical South Indian vocals and the different beats of the streets of New York, mix 'em up in a big bowl, and there emerges Ariya. Samyukta and Rawn met and began working about 2 years ago after they had performed together once and decided that a more permanent collaboration might not be such a bad idea. The music is stuff of dreams, the most unlikely combinations work like charms and what is eventually birthed is nothing like anything you've ever heard. Samyukta has had over 16 years of training in Classical Indian music and has pretty much tried out every style of singing. She co-writes the music with Rawn Randall. She works more on the melody and lyrics side of the music and is the Vocalist of Ariya Rawn has performed all over the world with various respected musicians and has been in the field for over 25 years. His musical style ranges from jazz to rock to trip hop to much more. Rawn is the beat innovator, the bassist and the producer of Ariya's works. The perfect combination for musical excellence...Enjoy!

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