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Anna Rychner, RN, CYI, trained in the Himalayan Yoga tradition, has studied yoga with S.S. Rama, yoga adepts at the Kumbha Melas of 1974 and 2001, as well as Christian and Buddhist meditation teachers. As a nurse, integrative breathworker and yoga instructor for over 30 years she has adapted these exercises for people with a variety of health challenges. Currently she teaches: Yoga for Stress Management at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Orlanu, a physical therapy clinic, and other health and resource centers in Wisconsin.

What others say:

"Anna has put many years of expertise as a yoga teacher, breath coach and health practitioner into a wonderfully accessible and immediatelty practical CD - "Relax and Breathe". The listener may choose from a variety of meditative experiences from the simple to the advanced. Each of these exercises increases its benefit with continued practice. Anna's soothing voice which embodies the disciplines she teaches makes the repeated practice easy and delightful, whether the exercises are being used for meditation, relaxation or healing."

Jim Morningstar, Ph.D.
Director of Transformations Incorporated

"Wow, your CD is terrific! Your story inspires me. This CD provides valuable relaxation experience, to be used whenever one wants. Your voice control is impressive; the pace and tone are so well done that they do not interfere with the process. I've been in your class and still I am impressed. I am also excited to find a non-medicinal aid for insomnia. What a great tool!"

Julie Johnson,
B.A. Communication

"It's wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You make this very accessible, and it would be good for anyone, of any level."

Susan Ciesla,
Executive Director
Fond du Lac Center for Spirituality and Healing

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