Only God

Inspired by Holy Mother, Mata Amritanandamayi, Amritakripa has been chanting for the past 18. She has worked with a number of pioneer artists including Bhagavandas, Krishna Das, Wah, David Stringer and Steve Ross.
Mother’s Grace and Dancing Lotus are collaborative efforts with Robbi Robb, founder of Tribe After Tribe and lead singer of Three Fish. These CD’s reflect their love and experience of Tibetan chanting, East Indian devotional music and tribal African rhythms. Amritakripa plays harmonium and ambient keyboards and Robbi Robb plays veena, oud, ambient guitars and bass. Gilbert Levy enriches the music with heart felt percussive and hand drumming elements. Guest performers include Steve Ross, Wah and Dave Stringer.

Amritakripa's music is the most soothing sacred music I have ever heard
Reviewer: Wanita Moritz
I have many sacred music and chanting CDs and this one has been on my cd player from the day I bought it. Amritakripa's voice is absolutley angelic and her devotion sounds so authentic that it has a feeling of bringing the Divine Goddess right into my room! I recommend this cd to everyone who is into devotional songs and I look forward to her new cd.

Otherwordly tribal sounds to take you faraway
Reviewer: Dan B
Amritakripa has taken me away with this beautiful music; an album for escape into a world of beauty, peace and love. The African elements strengthen the spirit of Dancing Lotus. This will always remain a part of the main CD collection!

sweet soulful voice with dark rich bass lines. Unique blending of east & west ki
Reviewer: sundari
Breathtakingly sweet vocals accompianies with rich basslines and various percussions. A remarkibly captavaiting tapestry of ancient chanting with modern groove. Organic yet estatic!

Voice of an Angel with sensual rhythm & drums- Bliss!
Reviewer: Cynthia Pileggi
DANCING LOTUS: Loved her first CD and Dancing Lotus takes us to the next level of bliss. AmritaKripa has the sweet, embracing voice of an Angel. She is surrounded by a fantastic group of musicians who together create a powerfully sensual, magical concert that feeds my soul and moves my body. Divine Grace that flows with passion, great to listen to while I work, drive and of course when I want to dance. This CD is a rare treat. I've given it to several friends as gifts- everyone loves it!Thank you for the pleasure of your music. Namaste'

Bliss filled erotic realms of spirituality.
Reviewer: Shirley G
I am really ecstatic with my new cd – Amritakripa Dancing Lotus. It was worth the wait. Dancing Lotus has much more African percussion elements than Mothers Grace and a lot more Erotic Power. My boyfriend and I made love to it and it was very very intense - the music drove us far far away and lifted us up into bliss filled erotic realms of spirituality. Thank you for a beautiful album!

Internally satifying cadences of Tradional Hindi culture
Reviewer: Turtlehead Records
Blissful taut illuminations of traditional Indian culture.Etherial charismatic visions eminating from spotleesly clean brass incense burners of pure love. No gravel,no grit.I rate them 5 gold digital watches and no eye lashes.-Keith..Turtlehead Records

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