7ekmet El She3r

AlTamye Theatre Group is an Egyptian theatre group that seeks alternative means of expressing the Arab human mind and heart, in terms of anxiety, rage, pain, anger, stress, boredom, joy, and all what can be transmitted in a live performance through scenography, poetry, music, light, visuals, video-art, paint, in a rich mix of tools & emotions.

Managed and directed by Salam Yousry, the group was established in 2003, and is composed of more than 15 devoting young artists.

El Tamye Wa7ed Wel Shagar Alwan (Translated: Different trees, same soil), was the group’s career jump in which they performed Sheikh Emam’s music in an engaging theatre performance. The performance has been on demand since 2004, and is still on show!

Thawret ‘ALA’ (Translated: Revolution of Anxiety), was the group’s first musical, written and directed by Salam Yousry and composed by Tamer Abu Ghazaleh. The musical premiered in November 2006, still showing, and is now released as an album & produced by eka3 productions.

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